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Nice things people have said:

It was a true pleasure to have Julie teach our girls piano. She is a very patient, kind, and talented instructor. Her style of teaching had our kids excited about every lesson. She celebrates every success, big or small.She made her recitals something to look forward to for the kids and not something to be nervous about. We never saw her without a smile on her face. Anyone who has Julie as an instructor will love her as much as we did!!
Terry B. (mother of 4)

Julie began teaching our children piano in our home and is not only a gifted pianist herself, but also has the ability to draw her students out. My kids were not passionate about piano, but Miss Julie made it fun and challenged them to raise their own bar. Julie truly loves each of her students and because they know this, they rise to the occasion. At her recitals we witnessed a wide range of talent levels and each one was valued and encouraged for their performance. Anyone who is privileged to sit under Julie for piano or vocal teaching will certainly excel. Thank you Julie!
Leanne G. (mother of 2)

Julie is an awesome piano teacher, who always has a smile. My daughter and son both loved going to her lessons every week, never complaining, which is a testimonial in itself. Her enthusiastic, positive energy that she brings to her lessons each week, demonstrates her love of teaching.
Kari L. (mother of 2)

Hi Julie,
Since lessons with you, I auditioned for a choir in grade 9 for the Performing and Visual Arts Program at Central Memorial. I got accepted into the chamber choir as a second alto and have been studying music theory, history and classical voice. Our choir is competing in Kiwanis for Nationals this summer 🙂 I’m going into my second year and I’m sure that the time that I spent with you was a huge part of everything. Thank-you!!

Adara M. (former piano & voice student)

Thanks for a great first year! All your support and encouragement have made for a very positive introduction to piano. Ian is really enjoying his lessons and wants to continue in the fall, which is a good indication of an excellent teacher.

Pauline M. (mother of 2)

Thank you for being such a sweet piano teacher for my boys! You are so good with them. Thanks for making learning the piano such a positive experience! 🙂 Thanks also for your bright smile every time you come over!

Marie-Claire C. (mother of 3)

Dear Julie,
Thank you for all of your ‘self giving’ to our family, for being so flexible, understanding, and kind. Our three girls are certainly better for knowing you – you are a very good example to our girls and myself! God bless!

Angela A. (mother of 3)